Submitted for your site: Medieval Restaurant Dishes

Dunno if I submitted this in the past, but I recently did some work to eliminate occasional funky results, and I think it's pretty solid now. If you need a name, use dr_venture, or drventure, or just CraigP... is that good enough?

These results represent high-class fare, not peasant dishes, although some of the results are fairly simple. These are, by and large, fairly realistic Medieval dishes, though the combination of ingredients is random. I think it's reasonably believable, though. Some sound pretty good!

Some example results:

Duck Paté flavored with Rosewater And Saffron with Bread and Hard Cheese
Hamhocks Cold Cuts and Hard Cheese with Dark Bread
Chicken served with Buns and Brawn
Grilled Gamebird with Dates
Chopped Salmon
Head Meat Cold Cuts and Hard Cheese with a Trencher
Chopped Woodcock stuffed with Mushrooms, Raisins & Chickpeas.
A Piglet Pastie With Clotted Cream Sauce
Tripe and Rice in a Biscuit
A Chicken Fritter
A Pie of Nuts and Ham Gravy topped with Fresh Pork
Goose in a Pastie With Salmon Stock
Gamebird with Carrots and Herbs in a Pie
Poached Pig's Tongue with Honey
Calf served with Buns and Brawn
Chicken with Potatoes and Raisins in a Pie
A Pie of Dried Fruits and Nuts flavored with Rosewater And Mint

Yes, you can get Blackbird Pie, though you have to add the bit about "four and twenty." Hope some folks get a kick out of it :)

FWIW, I believe a 'trencher' is something roughly like flatbread, like a stale edible plate. 'Brawn' was the dark, heavy, & slightly fatty meat of poultry or boar. A 'pastie' is just a 'pastry'... hey, things weren't as specific back then. For more terminology (or to expand the table) see, Gode Cookery - Glossary of Medieval Cooking Terms:


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