Incrementing/decrementing a variable

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I did a search on 'increment,' but found nothing, so I'm hoping the Collective can help.

I'm working on a treasure generator for S&W. If you're not familiar, the system starts with a total gp value but lets you "trade out" cash for other bits. For example, for every 100gp value of the treasure, there's a 10% chance that you convert that 100gp into a small gem or minor magic item.

I've assigned the total gp value to a variable {$coinCount}, and for every trade out, I need to reduce that number by the value of the trade out.

For example, if I start with {$coinCount} = 500, I roll 5 times for a trade out (1 roll per 100gp). Let's say 2 of the rolls generate gems - regardless of their value, {$coinCount} now equals 300gp.

How do I decrement {$coinCount} every time a trade out occurs?



  • I apologize for the late reply, but I just recently downloaded Inspiration Pad Pro and have been playing around with it a tiny bit. I have very little experience with programming, but I've written up this code (to hopefully use in future treasure generators) and have given a few runs. It seems to accomplish what you're looking for. I'm unsure of the efficiency, but it gets the job done. I also made it to output whether each individual roll successfully results in a gem, just so I could see what the code was doing while I was making it.
    //GP value of treasure to be rolled.
    Set: CoinCount = 1526
    // Divides  GP value by 100, rounding down to the nearest whole number.
    // This is the number of chances you have of rolling a gem.
    Set: GemRolls = {floor ({CoinCount}/100)}
    // The Treasure's Starting GP value in gems: set to 0 to start.
    Set: GemValue = 0
    //This is the generator's main table.
    Table: TotalTreasure
    The total value of this treasure is {CoinCount} gp. \n\n&
    Rolling for gems... \n&
    [@Repitions&;#93; \n&
    The final treasure value is {CoinCount} gp in coins and {GemValue} gp in gems.
    // This table performs a number of d10 rolls equal to the number of GemRolls.
    Table: Repitions
    [@{GemRolls} RollIt]
    // This table gives a 10% chance of rolling up 100 gp worth in gems per 100 gp found in the treasrue.
    // Every roll of 10 subtracts 100 gp from CoinCount and adds it to the treasure's GemValue.
    Table: RollIt
    Type: Lookup
    Set: RollNumber = 0
    Roll: 1d10
    1 - 9: {RollNumber == RollNumber + 1} &
    Roll number {RollNumber}[: ] &
    <font color=purple>No Gem.</font> \n
    10: {RollNumber == RollNumber + 1} &
    Roll number {RollNumber}[: ] &
    <font color=red>Gem.</font> &
    {CoinCount == CoinCount - 100} &
    {GemValue == GemValue + 100} \n&
    The current treasure value is now {CoinCount} in coins and {GemValue} gp in gems.\n

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