Fortune Teller Table

Hi all,

If anyone is interested in running the Fortune Teller table and displaying all the tarot cards that are currently missing, I have found a public domain tarot card set which works perfectly. I have also created a reversed (upside down) set to go with the normal set as this is needed for the table to work properly.

I've changed my copy of the IPP file to match the image file names in the folder, so if you want to use the original table you will need to amend the file names to match those in your copy. Alternatively, I have enclosed a copy of my version of the IPP file using the current file names. My version also contains an absolute path to each image file based on their location on my D drive, so you will need to change this depending on where you put the image folder.

I have tried uploading the zip file onto the forum but there is a 2mb limit and the file is 2.24mb, so if anyone would like a copy please send an email to:

alan.diceroller AT (replace as necessary).

If the NBOS team would like a copy of the file for the online table version or the uploaded files section please let me know where to send it.



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