Reading Prompts. "If then"

Hey guys. I'm an Inspiration Pad noob and am making a treasure generator for Basic Roleplayings Magic World.
However BRPs creatures don't have treasure types so I'm using equivilent AD&D creatures types.
But I'm running into a noob snag...
Prompt: Treasure type:{A|B|C}
Table: treasure 

What type of wording do I have to use to do this?
If prompt1=A then [@ChartA ]

Appreciate the help.


  • WOW. Thought this would be an easy one...
  • It is an easy one, but this isn't a very high traffic forum, so it may take a while before someone who can answer sees a question and has a chance to reply.

    All you need to do is use the prompt value as part of the table name.
    Prompt: Treasure type:{A|B|C} A
    Table: treasure
    Table: treasureA
    this is treasure for A
    Table: treasureB
    this is treasure for B
    Table: treasureC
    this is treasure for C
  • Haha! I knew the prompt HAD to be read like a variable but didn't think to do it this way.
    You rock!

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