Plugins to Hold Grid Static

I am currently working on a pair of large galactic maps, one with a Star Wars theme. Using the Essential Atlas as a reference, I had intended to break the Star Wars map into the alphanumeric grids from the Atlas for distribution; that is, the entire galaxy would be mapped as one sector, then I'd run off 2D maps for a website on a grid-by-grid basis.

The thought occurred that, since each grid would be small enough that it could be printed with readable coordinates on the map grid, I could tweak the positions of some worlds to correspond to an in-universe coordinate system. Unfortunately, I did not realize at the time that each exported map generates its own coordinate system with the origin at whatever body is selected (i.e. map all stars 60 lightyears around Coruscant). Is there a way to fix the origin in place, at 0,0,0 on the map, and have the exported images retain that in the superimposed grid? So, a map of all stars within sixty lightyears of star X, rather than reading -60 to +60, would instead go from 0 to +120, or whatever the true offset from the sector origin may be?

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