Fill Style Scale slider greyed out

Hi there:

I'm going through the Vintyri™ Project Tutorial for FM8 and I've run into a problem. On page 41, the instructions call for you to adjust the scale and brightness on a fill in the Vintyri Overland group applied to a fractal polygon. The problem is that both the sliders for Scale and Brightness are greyed out after I select the polygon, and that's left me sort of stumped. I think I'm missing something, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.



  • It leaves me kind of stumped too. I've tried to duplicate your problem, but I can't. It sounds like something with your FM8 installation isn't working right. I'd suggest that you send Ed Diana a support request at
  • I figured out the problem -- there was a malfunction between the screen and the chair. ;)

    My newfangled computer's swanky high res screen combined with the thin handle on the slider made it appear almost invisible -- I had to get really close to the screen and squint to find it,but it's there!

    Thanks for the reply, MarkOliva. I can now sally forth...
  • Ah so! Now I recognize the problem. I have it too. I've already recommended to Ed Diana that FM9, whenever it appears, should replace the sliders with better controls. They not only are hard to access on a high res screen, but they also are way too imprecise.
  • I wanted to say, too, that I love all the work from the Vintyri Project. Your FM8 tutorial is incredibly helpful for learning the program, as well as all the mapping resources provided. Thank you for making them available.

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