Big Question Regarding "View DM Screen"


I'm a new user of Fractal Mapper, and so far, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the program.

I work with a projector, which put the map on a table for everyone to place their miniatures onto, and to do this, I use the built-in "View DM Screen" function of Fractal Mapper, which seems to work well when I place it on the second monitor (which is actually the projector).

But I have 2 questions regarding this specific function:

1. Is it possible to remove the little dagger that pops up whenever I move something on the screen, or when I move the mouse over it?

2. Is it possible to go completely full screen? So no title bar or window controls. (Minimize, Close, etc.)

Thanks ahead of time, I'm hoping to break in this program with the team next weekend, and I feel like if I could remove those two things, it would look much smoother.


  • Hello there Spiderjj45
    I also use this program to project onto a table using the DM screen its actually very good for doing this. I use it to run an AD&D campaign. To do this I create my maps in sections dictated by light sources carried etc (by the party) using the layer system. Each sections layer can then be hidden and unhidden by the DM as the exploration moves forward also hidden rooms are just that when needed. If needed doors, pits etc can also be hidden on their own layer to be revealed if found. Using either fractal mapper to create symbols or exporting them to an image file and modifying them with a graphics program you can make your own symbols (there are tutorials on these topics).

    I have also found that after map creation setting the background to black helps highlight the projected map, don't make your maps too dark as this seems to affect players perceptions of the maps. Having a black background also leaves areas to hide the dagger, not perfect I know but there seems to be no way to turn it off.

    I have not found a way to go full screen either and would like it to do so (perhaps NBOS will patch the program to make it more projector friendly).

    I hope this answers your questions and helps you to continue to use the program.

    Cheers from DemonDM
  • Hello DemonDM! (And all others who ultimately find this program)

    I've figured out how to manually remove the Sword sprite. I'm not sure Nbos is happy with me posting a How-To on how to manipulate their software.

    1. Download PE Explorer (an EXE dissection-like program)

    2. Open up the Mapper8.exe

    3. Navigate to the Resource Editor

    4. Under the RCData resource folder, find TfrmGMScreen, double click it.

    5. The DFM mode window will pop up, showing the art asset attached to that set of functions.

    6. PE Explorer lets you export and import the sword image, so use any image editing tool to fill the entire image with the pinkish color that makes up the background, effectively erasing the sword.

    7. Save. Replace the original EXE. Enjoy your new sword-less program.
  • Unfortunately, no, there isn't a way to configure that in the current version. But I'll keep that in mind for future versions.

    The resource editor approach would be what I'd recommend for the tech savvy.... just make sure the bitmap you replace it with is the same size, and all should be good.

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