Optimal 2D Export Scale

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I do a fair number of sci-fi roleplaying games, and Astrosynthesis definitely beats scouring Google or hand-construction starmaps with trigonometry and Windows Paint. However, some of my larger maps are running into issues when I export 2D projections (generally along the X/Z axis). And when I do test exports, either systems are heavily crowded, the text is unreadable (or some cases not even printed), or the map size requires ridiculous resolutions (10,000 x 10,000 shots are not rare in my export folder).

I've tried poking around with trial and error determinations and found that about 50 px/map LY (I usually compress my sectors with another scale factor on top of that; my current attempt to map 350 named stars uses a 10:1 size compression for interstellar distances) would occasionally give readable maps. But even then, it's iffy. Does anyone know a reliable scale factor to keep my map sizes reasonable (I have no issue breaking up the sector into multiple maps; my original Star Wars map plan would've required around 200 images) while also making sure things are readable?


  • It is basically going to take some trial and error to get the right look. Try changing the font size & system size sliders at the bottom of that window - that should make 'big' maps more readable.
  • Right. Thank you. :D

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