Problem with the Search Tool

Search seems to work well in all instances except when I try to use the "Within distance of selected systems" option.

When I use this, it finds no systems when I know there are systems within the specified radius. The search comes back with zero hits.

I first search for the core system - in my case, Sol. When that comes up in the matches box, I click on it and then click the Select button. I then enter "10" in the distance option box and click the Search button.

Nada, when it should be getting the Alpha/Proxima Centauri systems, at the very least.

Any ideas?


  • I have experienced the same problem. I would really like to see all object within a given range without writing a special script for it. I'm lazy. ;)
  • Is a system selected on the map before you open the search window? I just tried it with the Sol example, and seems ok.
  • Ed_NBOS wrote:
    Is a system selected on the map before you open the search window? I just tried it with the Sol example, and seems ok.

    OK, if you have selected the system by clicking on it directly - from the map view - then the "search within" tool works fine.

    But, if you have selected the system indirectly, it gets zero hits.

    So, if you want to find Epsilon Indii, you do an initial search on "Epsilon." That returns a number of hits. You click "Epsilon Indi," hit Select and that brings up Epsilon Indii on the left hand map window as a selected system. If you then put in 10 in the "search within" field, it will return zero hits.

    But, if you close the search dialog, then click manually on Epsilon Indii and bring the search dialog back up again, you will then be able to use the "search within" tool.

    It would appear that you can't use the indirect means of selecting as a base for the "search within" tool; you can't use the results of a search as the target for a "search within" search. You have to close the search diaplog and then manually select the target system. Only then will the "search within" tool function.
  • OK, a little more on the "Search within" tool.

    It seems to only work if the host body is a star. Well, that's not entirely true; actually, it's more that it does not work if the host is a Marker. I had to change the body type to a Star, before it would work. I haven't tried the other body types, but I'm guessing - admittedly from only one example - that the "Search within" tool only searches for bodies that are the same type as the host.

    Basically, what I'm doing is correcting GDW's T2300 Near Star List catalog. I matched up the real stars from the T2300 NSL and used the real star Hipparcos RA, Dec and Parallax values to get Equatorial coords. When converting to Galactic and adding the Colonial Atlas details, I discovered that GDW must not have had accurate Parallax values for some of their systems. So, I converted the GDW coords - equatorial - to galactic and put a marker at that spot. Then, I do a search within 5-10 light years and pick the nearest star as the replacement for the GDW star.

    This is how I discovered that "Search within" wouldn't work with a marker. I changed the body to a star and then it worked.

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