Symbols no longer rendering? Is this just me?

Hi FM8 Team and All Else!

I'm trying to build a big city in my FM8, but when I save the file and reopen it later, some of the bigger symbols (for example, the 10 MB image I use for the background of whole city) are rendered completely invisible. Even their thumbnail in the Mapping Symbol area becomes invisible, I can't see the symbol, I CAN place it, resize, whatever, but it just doesn't show up anymore. This only happens after I save and reopen. Is this a known glitch in the software?


  • I've step-for-step done what you describe doing, using a 12 MB graphic as a symbol, but I can't get your result. Everything works fine for me. However, two things to ponder:

    1) You might want to use the menu options Map/Layers to see if the layer upon which you're placing the symbols is visible.

    Then I'm puzzled why you're using symbols with a size of 10 MB, and also why you're using symbols for a background:

    2) You also might want to try the menu options Map/Map Setup, where you could make a click on the tab Background Image and instead install your 10 MB image as a background image.

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