custom tools

Are they supported in FM8, where do they get put and how are they recogtnised?


  • It might be easier to answer the question if we knew what kind of custom tools you mean. Basically, I have no idea what you're asking.
  • Yes, if you mean the script-based custom tools, they are supported. The .FMScript file should be placed into the /Plugins directory under the directory where FM is installed (c:\program files (x86)\nbos\mapper8\Plugins).
  • I have a question about Goblin API. Is it possible to create a script that will allow the sliders on a tool, say size under textures, to be set as a number entry?

  • You could in theory make a tool that would let you pop up a window and enter a value to assign to the effects, such a line thickness. But you could not make a script that would actually alter how the existing sliders work.

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