How does one erase

Hey there, is there no erase function in FM8? How do you get rid of lines and such or make an adjustment to a wall or the like? I know how to use the undo but there has to be a way to tweak objects. I cant even grab a line i made to delete it.

please help!!



  • No, there's no 'erase' per se. FM is vector graphics based program, so the graphics you create are a combination of individual objects (lines, landmasses, etc) that are on the map, not pixels being set in an image. So, to 'erase', you remove the objects you dont want.

    To remove an object - or to move it, or change it, or to do just about anything with it - select the pointer tool. Then click on the object. Some objects, due to the way they fractalize or are arranged may be difficult to select. If thats the case, use the area select tool to select everything in an area, or even press Ctrl-A to select all objects on the map. That will at least show you where the selectable parts of an object are.
  • To Ed's comments, I'd add the following:

    Make sure you have the layer selectable upon which you created the object(s) that you want to delete. In teaching a few people how FM8 works, I found that they were easily frustrated by not being able to pick the object upon which they wanted to work. The problem always was that that object's layer had been made unselectable. To change that, you need to use the dialog box that's opened with the menu options Map/Layers.

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