Beveling and filling an arbitrary object

Okay, I just drew what is supposed to be a small plateu by using fractal lines and proximity snap. Now I'd like to fill and bevel it, but it doesn't seem to work. Do those only work with things produced with the specific object tools, not one drawn out by hand?


  • It sounds like you are trying to bevel a line, which you can't do since its not a filled object. Only closed shapes can be beveled. If you have an existing line, you can use Actions -> CloneTo -> Polygon to convert it to a closed shape. But its easier to draw with one of the closed shape tools (landmass, freehand landmass, polygon, closed spline)
  • Unfortunately, I'm copying a specific set of features from another source, and as far as I can tell you can't do that with those tools (barring things like rectangles for simple buildings). In fact, my one real complaint with Fractal Mapper is there's only limited ability to edit those shapes; pulling out the handles to change shape only gets you so far.
  • You can add and delete points in the polygon using the add and delete node tools to reshape an object. Or if you are tracing over something, you can also use the Raster Flood Fill rather than tracing over it.

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