1st Jörðgarð Adventure Module Release

^FM8 Relevance: This release includes 26 new FM8 maps, floor plans, dungeon plans and battle map scenarios that have not been released previously. All can be downloaded free and in fully editable form as FM8 maps.

The Vintyri™ Project has released the first free, open source adventure module for the new Jörðgarð™ campaign setting (also available free). The adventure Too Many Clues is the first chapter in a series of adventures on the Fallen Empire Trail, which takes place for the most part in the ruins of the fallen Æsir Empire.

Like all Jörðgarð products, the adventure includes gaming and NPC statistics for both the Dungeons Daring and OGL 3.5 game systems. The latter includes such fantasy roleplaying games as Pathfinder® from Paizo Publishing LLC and Dungeons & Dragons® 3.5 from Wizards of the Coast® Inc.

The main booklet is a 388-page bookmarked PDF file. Bookmarking makes it easily for the user to jump quickly from one theme to the next. As with all other Jörðgarð products, Too Many Clues is a free product released under the Open Game License 1.0a. It also is an open source product; all texts, maps, floor plans, dungeon plans, battle map scenarios and NPC portraits can be downloaded separately in 100% editable form. This gives every game master the ability to modify the original product to best fit his or her campaign, and it gives game designers who wish to use our work in their products an easy means to do so.

Too Many Clues places considerable emphasis on being easily useable for first-time game masters who are working with beginning players. It contains extensive advice on how to run the various encounters under both the Dungeons Daring and OGL 3.5 guidelines and rules.

In the course of the adventure, the player characters will encounter such opponents as draugs (undead), human brigands, halfling thieves, orcs, ogres, bugbears and harpys. Too Many Clues works closely with the recently released Jörðgarð geographical accessory, The Northwest, a 1,500-page bookmarked PDF that also can be downloaded free.

For more information, go to: http://www.vintyri.org

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