Transferring my Pad Pro tables over to my tablet, need help!

There is an old thread I already posted to that has a similar question but no one has responded to it yet. I want to port my tables over to the app on my Android tablet but I need to know what to change the file path to for the tables that reference other tables. For example:
I placed a HARP folder in the generators folder of the application. There is a "special" table (amongst others) in the tables I am porting over to my tablet. Currently the file path reference is: Generators\HARP\Special.ipt, but once I port the entire HARP folder over the file path will be different and the tables will not work. So what would the file path be to correct this?



  • The Android and CGI versions don't support running generators that reference external files. In the Windows version, select the generator, and then use File -> Export Table from the menu. That will compile a generator into a single, standalone .ipt (basically combining all the files it uses into a single file). You can move that over to the tablet.
  • Cool, then what your saying is that I would have to follow my original process of putting each table referenced within each table (internal tables) so it will work, correct?

  • You don't need to do it manually. The File -> Export from the menu creates a new .ipt file that compiles all the 'used' files into a single, standalone generator for you.

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