The Keep 2.0 Now Available (plus Coupon Code inside)

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Hi All,

I'm happy to report The Keep 2.0 is now available!

Info about what's new can be found here:

If you have version 1.0, you can get a discounted upgrade for just $20. Just be sure to get the upgrade version.

Also, here's a coupon code for use at the NBOS Store (only) that provides a 20% discount on all purchases:


That code is valid until 11/15/2014

The Keep 2.0 and Upgrade should also be available on our retail partner sites (RPGNow, Paizo, etc) within a couple of days.



  • Well, I ordered The Keep 2.0 Upgrade from the NBOS store, using the coupon code, but the 20% discount didn't apply. Is there anything that can be done?

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