Trouble Printing Maps

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Hi All,

I purchased fractal mapper a couple months back and have found it so useful that I also picked up the keep and I've been ghosting these forums looking for tips. In particular, I've gotten quite a lot of use from MarkOlivia's links to obtain additional symbols and fills.

However, I'm running into two problems when it comes to printing maps.

1) When I try printing maps directly to my printer code is spit out over thousands of pages instead of the map. I'm running windows xp and I've got the latest version of fractal mapper. The printer is an hp attached to another computer on my wireless network.

2) Printing to pdfs first and then printing hard copies works a lot better. However, the symbols on the map gain thick white borders that were not in the original file. I use adobe 6.0 for creating pdfs. This only occurs for symbols, not shapes/fills.

So far, the best work around I've discovered is to take screen shots and print from that. This is hardly ideal for battlemaps, although it works well enough for area maps.

Any ideas?


  • This is a new one to me. I print with a network HP CP3525m color laser printer and I make PDFs with Adobe Acrobat 8, Office 2007, 3.1 and PDF Creator. I don't have any of the problems that you mention. I'd suggest that you send a trouble report to Ed Diana at

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