Character Sheet Designer 2.0!

Hi All,

I've uploaded a new version of the designer and viewer. The big change in this version is that calculations will be much, much faster now. This 'engine' is what is also used in The Keep 2.0.


  • Ed i just have one request is there any we can get the option to open and close the fields section.... other than that loving the new version.
  • Do you mean the list of the fields on the left? Yes, I can add that in. It also can be resized right now.

    (Sorry for the delay in replying, was away for a couple of weeks)
  • Anytime I go to download it never iniates, anyone else having this issue or have a direct link to the download?
  • It looks like our web host made an update which interfered with the downloads section. The downloading is fixed, uploading may be a few days until its fixed.
  • Although late, thanks Ed_NBOS.

  • I have a few suggestions...

    Being able to export into pdf
    Changing page orientation in the viewer preview.
    smoother scrolling while editing.

    That is all :D
  • I have been playing with this program since I plan to use it and skyre for our gaming session this weekend.
    I have found a series of niggling little issues that would have me stop using the program normally.

    To begin with, I would have all design elements on the form, have some easily adjusted user properties such as 'top, left, right, bottom' 'depth' so that I can easily point at an object, tell it where on the page to be placed and it's arrangement in layering. I would also have the locked property, lock the objects placement. Placing a graphic on the page, fighting with the handles to shrink/grow the object to its proper size, which is never proper as you are manually fiddling vs mechanically placing the objects, then not quite having the object go where you want due to the lack of feedback on manual placement or a way of mechanically setting the values is a source of great frustration.

    I ended up creating all the graphic elements of my interface in a different program (gimp) including text boxes etc., just to import it into CD2 as a background image, which I then placed the edit fields over.

    I am hoping that the new version is cross platform like skyre and supports a better designer interface.

  • Hey Ed, is there any way to link multiple .csd pages? Basically what I would like to do is make a csd file of say "spells" and have a way of making them into a database for making spellbooks. Is this a feature that I can also link to IPP3 or IPP4? I would LOVE to be able to run ipt files that give results in csd files....just saying...

  • No, there isn't. I was looking at some means of that for the next version. Possibly a 'repeating' page for things like spellbooks and possessions.

  • Hello, I just downloaded the character sheet creator and I'm excited to get to use it, are there any tutorials to help me get started?

  • Also would there be a way to have conditional pages? If there is a certain value in a certain field, make this page, if another value, make this page, etc.

  • This is a great program and it does suit the purpose for my home brew system. The character sheet designer shows the top of the sheet ends at 5 1/8" and the bottom of the sheet begins at 5 3/4"; I cannot access the skipped space and it's quite noticeable in the viewer as a large blank area on the sheet. Is there something I'm missing? I have looked on the forums and the help file in the designer and there are no clear answers for this. Please help

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