Text editor glitch

edited November 2015 in The Keep General
I only just caught this and I'm not sure if you're aware of it or not, but if you have multiple tabs open at once, you can only use CTRL + B or +I or +U for boldface, italics, and underline only in the primary tab. Second and successive tabs don't respond... these functions do still work if you click on the buttons for them, but it's slower and awkward when typing.


  • Another thing to consider on the topic of the text editor is unusual characters and the spellcheck feature. Whenever I add letters with accents, umlauts and the like, it breaks up the word. For example, the word Mjölnir would be treated as three different words when you have the option to "Add to dictionary." The first word would be "Mj" and the last would be "lnir" with the o with an umlaut being treated as a separate word or unknown joiner between the two others. It's mildly annoying, especially since I use a lot of these specialized characters with fantasy names.

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