Chat pane and Character Pane problems (Web side)

The machine that screen monkey resides on is a windows XP SP3 machine
I have Qwest DSL Service
I do not know the make of my Modem off the top of my head but i have no firewall software and no router. I believe UPNP May be disabled
My port is forwarded properly and i was able to start the player web access from within screen monkey however i did not log into the player access from home I went into work and tried to log in from there.

I got the log on screen fine from work I was able to log in but the the character and chat panes come up with errors saying the page cannot be displayed however i can access the add remove character. and the die roller and even the chat feature itself works but the html of the pages is just not showing up.

Now i know that at work we have a fairly heavy duty firewall so i had a friend in Minneapolis at home try it out and the same thing happened to her.

So my question here is in order for the other two panes to show correctly should i have had a dummy logon at home log in ? If that is the case is there anyway we can change the scripting to just auto start the web interface with an invisible user or is there something else i need to do here like maybe enable IIS (Which i am hoping to avoid)


  • If you can see the login screen via a web browser from across the internet, it sounds like the firewall is setup right.

    You didnt say what OS you are running the SM program on. If its Vista or Win7, you may need to run SM as administrator, or install it to someplace other than the Program Files directory. Its possible the OS is preventing SM from writing some data to files that it uses to send to the web clients.
  • Thanks ed it was the machine screen monkey runs on is an XP SP3 machine and i was an idiot and didn't log into the web interface until i got home and had a friend out of state log in and it worked fine .

    I was working on modifying the add character page to make it act more like a dungeons and dragons character sheet I added Class, Level all statblock and it would not save to screen monkey and then i looked on the GM side and saw that the names for the items i want screen monkey to store did not match what i had typed (Armor class was still Armor and hit points was hits. is there a way to change them from armor and hits to hit points and armor class and to add other stats to the in program gm screen?
  • No, sorry, the armor/hits labels in the GM's program cant be changed.

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