Inhabital, Habited and Inhospitable Planets

What determines if a planet, moon etc is habitable, habited or inhospitable?


  • There's a description of what they mean in the glossary in the help file.
  • Yes I know the definition. What im asking is what determines it in your code? There are planets with no atmosphere but are inhabited etc.
  • Its random, weighted based on favorable conditions. Its completely possible to have a high population on a body with no atmosphere, for example. In that case it may be explained as a domed or underground city located there because there's a precious resource. Or a hospitable planet may be uninhabited - perhaps its a nature preserve or there is a dangerous disease.
  • Yes I can understand that, but what about when there is a population and you look at the planet details and its inhospitable? Then again I guess it could be the same. The planet is inhospitable but could have a station on it.
  • In a spare faring society, which is what Astro assumes (it assumes something in between space opera and hard sci-fi), the lack of an atmosphere or even gravity is not necessarily the biggest obstacle to people living someplace. Its up to you to decide what the reason might be that they are there... or you can simply change it.

    The generator is not there to replace the GM. Its there to fill out the little details on a star map. Its expected that the generated data will be changed to suit the campaign's need.
  • Right you are. On another note, how would you convert the Mean Temp to Fahrenheit? I have tried several way but keep getting an error. I think its because Temperature is in Kelvin/Celsius.
  • Ive converted all the temps on my site database using a php function, but heres what to do...

    $body = ($body-273.15) * 1.8 + 32;

    For those not needing code, F = (K - 273.15) * 1.8 + 32

    1. Subtract 273 from the temp in K
    2. Multiply by 1.8
    3. Add 32
    4. Resulting number is your temp in F

    Convert 373 K to F

    1. 373 - 273.15 = 99.85
    2. 99.85 x 1.8 = 179.73
    3. 179.73 + 32 = 211.73 (or 212F, roughly the boiling point of water)
    4. 373K = 212F
  • Sweet thanks. I'll give it a try.
  • Well I cant get it to work.

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