Random City Custom Tool?

I see the City Name custom tool in FM8, , but IIRC, an earlier version of it also generated random details that got added to the city object's Notes field.

Rather than re-invent the wheel and write this Goblin script myself, is there an updated version for FM8 out there? Or did I just imagine this?



  • The custom tool from FM7 did indeed generate the description for the cities. That was never ported over for FM8, because, iirc, FM8 uses the inspiration pad pro engine, whereas FM7 didnt. Here's some of the relevant scripts from the FM7 tool if you want to see what that did. Though I think using inspiration pad pro inside an FM8 tool for a new one would be a lot less work.
  • Hi Ed,

    I'm interested in this as well so thank you! The script gives a great starting point for making an equvalent Inspiration Pad tool. I'm really impressed with IP by the way. It's pretty neat. I'm fairly certian Erin's OCD will kick in shortly after he downloads this. ;)

  • Indeed it will...OCD is a terrible thing to waste.

    Thanks for posting this, Ed.
  • Its not available/working any more?? Crap I just downloaded FM8 today to use again after some years away and that was one of the key features I liked. Well that sucks.Oh well I guess I should have read the forums first. Sigh haha :(
  • No worries - I'm working on a random village tool in IPP. If I can get it to do what I want, I'll scale it for towns and cities.

    It's not ready for release, but if you want to check the direction it's headed, lookee here:

    Definitely more to come. Let me know if you have any specific features in mind.

  • Great thanks esmale. I look forward to seeing the finished product. In the meantime I will check out your link. Thanks for the reply, felt a little disapointed for a minute. :D
  • *Sigh* Still miss the automatic Random Custom City Tool. :cry:

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