Viewer Suggestion


I am quite likely to purchase AstroSynthesis 3 in the near future, even if my suggestion here is not possible!

It would be very useful if there were a viewer version of AS3, a much cut down version. What I would like is to be able to share the galaxy file with my friends (players), so that they can view nearby systems and work out navigation and flight times themselves. However, since they are not the GM, they have no need to be able to modify any information, only to view. They don't need the full client, nor would they be willing to pay for it. But if I purchased it and they had a free viewer application, I'm sure that would be of great use!

If it were to be anything more than just a simple thing, another nice feature would be the ability for me to specify which worlds are explored and which are not - explored worlds on the player viewer show system details, while unexplored ones only show the star.

Anyway, AS3 looks very good!


  • I would be VERY interested in a player viewer (one that hides GM Notes of course and can designate systems and worlds as explored/unexplored).
  • I'm not opposed to the idea of making one, but at the moment I dont have any plans for one as my schedule is pretty tight.
  • I would be very interested in seeing a Viewer version of AS too. All it needs to do is load up an AstroDB file and let people navigate around in it.

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