The Verse

Is anyone else working on the a map of the Verse for a Serenity/Firefly game? I have one started but wanted to see what changes were being implemented in AS3.

If there is any interest I will finish it and post it here.


  • Is there even a canonicle map/guide of it available?
  • Yup! It's called "The Verse in Numbers 2.0" made by the good folks at Quantum Mechanix (it's a free download by the way). They made it for their Complete and Official Map of the Verse. They also have an Atlas of the Verse.
  • I have a sector map with the 34 Tauri 2020 system included. Made it with astrosynth v 3. Ill try to upload it. ;) UPDATE Have uploaded the verse (stars only) you can add the planets later using the verse in numbers ;)

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