Display Problems

I am using the demo version to see if I want to buy the full version. There are three issues that I can see:
1) Spheres of Influence seem to always be on top of any routes, regardless of distance.
2) Planets and moons have an East Pole and a West Pole. That is, when "Planet Axis" is turned on is displays at 90 degrees to the actual axis of spin.
3) Planet Systems show the planets spinning even if their rotation is set to zero. It would also be nice if you could rotate the planets so that the faces you want to face each other, do so (since most planet systems will be tidally locked).


  • And now that I purchased the full version of AS3, I am still having these issues. Points 1 & 3 are mildly annoying, but point 3 appears to be a valid bug or programming glitch.
  • A Planet with a rotation of 0 rotates at a rate equal to its orbital period.
  • Then test this to see if it happens to you:
    Create a Planet System, give them a rotation and axial tilt of 0, turn on Axis display and see if the axes are perpendicular to the actual axis.
    On my version the axes are horizontal not vertical and are spinning like tops.

    Also, with Planet Systems is there any plan to show them orbiting their common barycenter in Orbital Display mode?
  • Ed_NBOS wrote:
    A Planet with a rotation of 0 rotates at a rate equal to its orbital period.

    Which orbital speed is used for Planet Systems; their orbit of the primary (star) or their orbit of each other? It should be the second.

    Sorry if I'm being picky here. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. In addition, I like to playtest games and software.

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