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So I'm working with this program (great program, by the way) to create a monster generator. In the system I'm using, monster level defines a lot of things about the monster. One of the things that it defines is the name; for example, a low-level goblin may be a just a straight-up Goblin, while that same 'class' of monster at, say, Lv. 50 would be in the Ogre or Gigas range. I'm trying to figure out a way to take a table, have it look at a level prompt, and pick whatever name goes with the 'level' in the prompt. I looked at the examples, but the type:lookup used a die roll, and I need it to be based off of the prompt I have already defined.

Any thoughts?


  • Goodaye,

    Try ...

    [#{$level_prompt} monster_name]

    where {$level_prompt} is the level of the monster and 'monster_name' is the table containing all the monster names. So this table will be accessed using the specific index provided for by level_prompt.

    Eg. Level 2 monster

    table: monster_name
    type: lookup
    1: Bigfoot
    2: Dropbear
    3: Nessie

    would access index number 2 which is DropBear. If you want more variety you can do stuff like adding a random dice roll to the monster level so that it will then acces a range of monster names in the table.

    eg. [#{{$level_prompt}+1d4} monster_name] which would give you anything from 2+1 to 2+4 (3 to 6) on your name table.

    Alternatively if you want each level to have lots of different possible names you could have a seperate table for each level of monster.


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