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I've created some sectors in separate files, around 50 systems in each, about 12ly cube edges. I then create a new campaign subsector, and try importing the sectors one by one, in the positions I want them.

I then hit save, and the campaign sector file size is under 50KB, and has not saved any system data. I can improve this result by using a GURPS script I have to "touch" every system, and it then saves a lot more. However, the 'more' that it saves seems to just be the first sector I import, rather than them all.

If I create a new blank sector, increase its size so that all imported sectors fit in, the same happens. If I do a search then click "select all", it seems to select only the first import's systems. I would like to work in pieces in separate sectors then import, but it just doesn't seem to be working. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?



  • What format are the files that you're importing? Are they CSV? Can you post an example of the syntax of some of of the systems you're importing?
  • I create the systems using astrosynthesis, save them in astrosynthesis with the standard format, then import using that format. So I'm using the built in system, nothing of my own.
  • I have the same issue. I'd like to see a reply even if it is to say it'll only be fixed in a future update.
    It's very frustrating, and a great waste of time, to need to redo the bigger map anytime I need to see my entire map.
  • Are you saving them as AstroDB files? If so, you shouldn't have to "import" them. There's a "merge and update sectors" in the import menu that you should use instead.

    Can you type the exact steps you're doing to import them?
  • Doing exactly what you said. File - import - merge and update sectors. It works for the session, it seems to save normally, but when i try to open the file again, the sector i inserted is no longer there and I must repeat the entire process again.
  • Have you seen this?

    Is there a particular reason you are maintaining a lot of little sectors instead of using a single large sector and using filters on subsectors to control whats visible? Several people have told me they are doing ths... so I'd like to understand what the impediment is to using a single sector map.
  • Right now i'm playing around with it, to figure out best ways for me to do the scenario I intend to play with my friends.
    The scenario needs a specific shape, and life must be rare (extremely long distance travels between the major political entities, reasonably long in between habitable systems inside the empire too). I find that the random generation usually gives me planets kinda like what I need, with just a few tweaks, which is awesome, but it does not give me options for shapes. It's usually pretty evenly spread amount of systems. So what i'm playing with to get the shape i want is creating smaller sectors with different density of systems and placing them according to my desired shape (as in, i need a sector with less systems, and then getting progressively crowded). I could, i suppose, experiment with making subsectors visible, but that will either take or reveal all stars in a sector. And deleting system by system by hand is slow, tiresome, and not very precise.

    (AND I had not seem that, will download and check.)
    AND that did fix it! Thanks! I probably didn't look on that before because i'm afraid of betas :P

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