How do I zoom in and out in main view?

My main laptop that I use this on does not have a scroll wheel. I'm assuming that you can easily zoom in and out with that scroll wheel, but how can I do it WITHOUT a scroll wheel?


  • You can hold the shift key down and then drag up & down (vertically). Or you can use the arrow keys with the shift key held down.
  • thank you very much. I will give that a shot. :)
  • Or buy a cheapo mouse (or use a spare one that you have lying around if you have one) that you can plug into your laptop. Personally I can't use a touchpad at all, especially if dragging is involved, it might be easier on your fingers to just use a mouse instead. ;)
  • I use a trackball, but it doesn't have a scroll wheel on it.

    I can zoom in and out with the shift and the arrow keys so I'm happy. :)

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