The Keep 1.10d Update

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There's a new update available for The Keep, v1.10d.

The primary updates in this version include:

[fixed] Text nodes with unsaved data were not being saved if a new quick log or root item entry was created, or if the item was copied from the toolbar.
[added] EPUB e-book export

You can obtain this using the automatic software updater within The Keep (Help -> Check for Updates from the menu) using the automatic software updater. If you are running a version of The Keep prior to 1.01c, you wont have that in your menu. Instead, download the 1.01c updater here,, and run that.


  • I tried the epub export out on a Nook Color. It's readable but It seems that tables don't work so well and some of the text was written over the graphics until I switched display mode to wide screen.

    It's nice to have this option though so I'm looking forward to what can be done with it!
  • Most eReaders do not support tables very well, unfortunately.
  • Not sure if this is mentioned in the help file, but The Keep will assign the first Image item it finds as the cover image. So you dont have to stick an image in the 'root' topic. Just place an image as the first child item under the root topic.

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