Fractal World Explorer Binary Export

I don't know if the problem is with FWE1.8 or Fractal Terrains 3 (3.8.8) but when I import a binary outputted file from FWE into FT3 the heights are not importing only the cost line contour seems to appear to FT ends up with only two colour one for 0 altitude land and one for 0 altitude sea.

I used to be able to do this with earlier versions of both programs so perhaps some incompatibility has crept in or have I missed something?

Anybody know?


  • Seems ok - I just exported the same map from 1.7 and 1.8, and they were identical. Are you sure you set it to use the right 32/16 bit values?
  • These were the setting I used in FT3 (Actually version 3.0.8 ot 3.8.8)
    Binary Import Settings
    Per sample info: 4 byte float
    LSB first (Intel)
    Line Width: 8192 (4 x sample width)
    Header length: 0
    File Data: Width: 2048 samples
    Height: 1024 samples
    Map Edges: Top: -90
    Bottom: 90
    Left: -180
    Right: 180
    Missing Data: -9999
    Replace checked
    0 New Value

    Using FWE 1.8 export was set as 32 bit integer.

    Does this look right
    The binary file was generated from the largest size the program would generate (it produced a bmp 2048x1024 pixels.

  • Those settings look ok (though I dont know that aspect of FT very well)

    What was the version of FWE that you were using when it worked? Was it 1.7 or something eariler? I just want to make sure nothing changed on FWE's end.
  • Looks like the previous version of FWE I used was 1.6a according to the Help About Screen. At least there is still a copy of it sitting on the computer.
  • I exported the same map from 1.6 and 1.8, and the resulting file was identical.

    One thing I noticed, and may change, is that negative (ocean) elevations are exported as 0. I think there was a reason for this in the past, but I think I'll change that so that the actual elevations are exported.
  • Do we have negative elevations now?

  • Not for 32bit integers. But it looks like if you use 16bit integers it should output negatives.

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