Removing Background Image

A second issue I am having is that I have tried to select the file location of my background image and delete it but every time I hit "OK" nothing happens. I open the map setup interface and the file path is back. Is there something I am missing?


  • I'm not sure what you're doing on a step-by-step basis. This is what you should be doing:

    1. Click the menu option "Map."

    2. Click the menu option "Map Setup."

    3. In the dialog box named "Map Setup," click the tab "Background Image."

    4. Under this tab, click the text field "Background Image or Map."

    5. Erase this field. Leave it empty.

    6. Click the command button "OK."

    That should do it. If this is what you're doing, and it still isn't working, I'd suggest that you send a trouble report to:
  • I thank you for your reply. While I was getting to the Map Setup interface via the button on the toolbar, I was following the same set of instructions as you gave. I tried again using the menu options to be sure and I am still not having it removed. I am deleting all the file path info and hit the Ok button and when I pull up the interface again the path is back and it still appears behind the map. I have, as a short term work around, moved the file and put a blank image in place of the one that was there, resulting in a white background. however it is not how I would like to keep going with it.

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