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I'm running Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Internet provider is Cablevision
Router is a Netgear Rangemax

all Firewalls are diabled

When I open SM the log says "No uPnP Router Found", but says Universal Plug and Play Available. I verified that UPnP is enabled on my router.
When I Launch the Player Interface it does connect I can also connect from other PCs in my home however, so it must be a firewall situation, I adjusted port forwarding on the router as detailed in the instructions and it shows port 10015 forwarded to the IP of the PC I am running SM on, and it still doesn't work. The odd thing is that screen monkey seems to want to announce the IP of my ISP, not the IP of my PC, I keep having to over write it

Thanks for your help


  • Well, it sounds like you're 90% there. The IP it should be announcing is the IP of your router. ie, it shouldnt be a local 192.168.x.x style ip address. Basically, the ip you see if you go to should be what gets announced.

    I would try turning off the UPnP support in SM, and trying just with a manual port forward. If its doing both at the same time it may not work. Also, check if you havent, in case there's an alternate way to forward the port. Sometimes the router interfaces arent the most clear about which type of forwarding should be done in which case.

    Let me know how that goes.
  • Thanks for sharing

    When I open interface not login, problem create showing error not connection, router is enable UPnP. I try adjusting port then on creating issue.

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