Greek Alphabet

Does anyone know a way to get AS to display Greek characters in labels?


  • No, at this time AS3 doesnt support unicode text, and cannot display non-western characters.
  • Well while I'm bugging you... can you tell me how to change the color of selected items from yellow to something else?

    In case you're wondering why, I'd like to label stars/systems in colors according to their spectral class (when unselected). But that means I need the selected, highlight color to be something other than yellow, as I need the yellow elsewhere. A light neon green would be good.

    Any ideas on how I can achieve that one?
  • You can use Action -> Mass Edit -> Display Style to change the color of the labels used for bodies that are selected.

    But you cannot change the color that indicates a body is selected (ie, Yellow)
  • Well I'm able to get around the problem, for M/K/G/F/A/B I used Purple/Red/Orange/White/Pale Blue/Med. Blue, so it's no biggie. Still, I'd call these (highlight color control and unicode) things to look into as possibilities for the next update or version.
  • Unicode support has always been planned. It just didnt make it into v3 because it'd be a huge project to adjust how Astro handles text on the map, and v3 already had quite a few such large projects in it.
  • While we're putting things on the wish list for later upgrades/versions, it would be nice if the search function included sorting by spectral class of the star (or primary in a multiple system.)
  • You can actually do that now. Add the spectral class to the search by adding 'show spectral' to the query, and then you can sort on that column by clicking on the grid header at the top of the results list.
  • That's cool, and my apologies for jogging your elbow to find out something that was already in the help file (to that extent, anyway)... and playing in it showed me that you can sort ascending/descending by any field name that appears in the display.

    Is there any way to choose which fields show up in the display by default?

    For example, the current default is Name/Type/System/Population/Habitability/Political. If I wanted to change that so the default fields displayed were Name/Type/Spectral/System/Population/Political, is there a way to do that? Or do I need to just add "show spectral" to every search in which I want that field?

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