[Solution] Astro errors on statup if FT installed

If you are experiencing a bunch of Access Violations when you start AstroSynthesis and the program prompts you for whether or not you want to use FT as the terrain engine. This error relates to AV's in AstroSynthesis, not FT.

This occurs if:
You install both AstroSynthesis 3 and Fractal Terrains, and you try to run Astro3 first.
This only occurs if you did not have AstroSynthesis 2.0 installed on your computer.

The solution:
Download and run the program linked below. After the program launches, click the 'fix FT integration' button. Nothing will appear to happen, but it will create the necessary registry entries to get past this problem. Then launch Astro.


This is a one time action - once the registry entries are in place, the startup prompt asking about the Terrain engine is skipped. You can select which terrain engine to use in the Program Preferences window.

Astro itself will be altered to avoid this problem with the next update.


  • I don't have FT, and thus don't have this problem, but I do often have program freezes that seem to be tied to generating planetary maps in FWE. That is, it only freezes if I am in a system examining planets, and always freezes at "Scanning surface..."

    That may help the troubleshooting process or may not, but there it is.
  • I am having a problem where when I right click on a planet and go to "Edit Surface Map", fractal terrains 3 opens, then immediately closes again before the map loads.

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