Failing at the Basics: Adding two Field Values to display


I am trying to create a Savage Worlds Character sheet. While I like the easy Layout and Design options of the sheet designer, the functions make me wish I would have simply gone with excel. Anyway, what I am trying to do seems fairly simple to me but I can´t get it to work.

I have a Field Called ToughnessRank. It`s Source is:
Lookup ('DiceTypes', VigorRank.Text, 'Value') /2 +2;

That field displays and calculates fine. Now in Savage Worlds Toughness also adds in Armor Ranking for totals but shows them separately due to weapons with armor piercing Properties. Now I have a second Field Called TotalToughness. Here I want to take the result from ToughnessTank and add the result from a different field ArmorChest. However I am not even getting this far. I cant even get TotalToughness to simply display the same value as ToughnessTank. I tried to use the HP example from the 2 page sheet as a base and did the following for testing Purposes:
TotalToughness.Text = ToughnessRank.Value + 10 ;

However the field only displays 10 and never updates even though the ToughnessRank field works and updates. Help?


  • can you post the sheet so we can look at it? Its hard to tell what might be going wrong.
  • No Problem, I have attached it to this post. I wager there is something basic I am simply not grasping yet.

  • I think I see whats going on. You have:
    TotalToughness.Text = ToughnessRank.Value + 1 ;

    When all you really need for the field source is:
    ToughnessRank.Value + 1

    ie, no assignment.
  • Thank you for your reply! I tried that. Even when I simply put in ToughnessRank.Value only which should display the same number as the ToughnessRank field the TotalToughness always stays zero. I am not understanding why.

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