orbital mechanics problem

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On close multiples, the distance between stars in system data shows as (generally) less than 10 AUs. In the system map displays and the travel calculator, the separation shows as 100s to 1000s of AUs (but less than far multiples). Am I missing something? Also exactly what info is supposed to display from the data source "orbitalring"? I have not gotten it to display any info in any context.


  • The multiple star display is not to scale. Because of the distances involved, a to-scale display of the orbits would make the inner orbits invisible.
  • ah, ok. and orbitalring? Oh, noticed (with amusement) that luminosities of O,B, and A giants tend to be in the 10 million to 10 BILLION range! As the brightest hypergiant currently known is 8.8 million, I think that range is off a little :-)
  • The luminosity values are calculated using a standard formula for main sequence stars. The values can get wonky for giants that exist outside the main sequence. The luminosity is editable, so feel free to change the values to whatever you want them to be.

    orbitalring looks like a leftover from earler versions. Unless your sector was generated with Astro2, I dont think it will have a value. It was basically the avg distance between stars in the system. The stars use x/y/z now for positioning.
  • I see, thanks.

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