"Edit Surface" of planets giving me blank blue screens

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Hello everyone.

I have Astrosynthesis 3 and Fractal Mapper 8. I'm trying to use Fractal World Explorer to access the given surface of a planet I've generated, and export that into Fractal Mapper. The problem I'm having is that every time I right click on the planet in System Data and click on "Edit Surface", Fractal World Explorer just shows me a blue square, and not the lovely map I see when I access "Terrain Data" on the planet.

Any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong??

Thank you.


  • when you say blue screen, do you mean your entire screen/monitor goes blue, or do you just mean that FWE launches, but just shows a map that's all ocean?

    If the latter, what may be the easiest to do is re-install AstroSynthesis. Whats probably happening is that Astro is launching the older FWE from Fractal Mapper (since its included in both). If you reinstall AstroSynthesis, that should get everything back in sync again. If that doesnt work, navigating down to \Program Files (x86)\NBOS\FWE1.8, and running the FractalWorldExplorer.exe found there should cause it to register its location so Astro can find it.
  • Going to the folder and clicking on FWE 1.8 worked like a charm. Now FWE finds the surface map without a problem. Thank you so much!!!

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