BRP Magic World Sheet

okay, so here's my first attempt at a character sheet using the Basic Roleplaying Magic World system.
First one to show me how to randomize dice rolls for the stats wins much love!


  • Nice!

    I believe the two-page character sheet sample that comes with the designer has some buttons on the first page that do random stats. That might be what you are looking for.
  • Yup! That's the good stuff. Thanks EdNBOS!
  • Will be updating this soon. Made lots of improvements, additions, and it's way prettier looking.
  • Ive completed the BRP Magic World sheet and made it all pretty, HOWEVER, is there a way to speed up the process of making a character? It seems every time I update a field it pauses for about 5-10 seconds. Even just entering the character name which has no functions attached. It's a big sheet but uses little scripting and I have buttons for updating a lot of the info at the same time so I'm not sure why it's lagging. ... nished.csd




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