Astrosynthesis Maps, FWE and FM8

Finally picked up FM8 to add detail to the world maps generated in Astrosynthesis. I exported a testmap to FM8 and lost all of the elevation lines. The Help file indicates that there is a Tutorial to keep the 3d elevation lines but I can't find it in the Tutorials.

The only reason I bought FM8 was to add cities and borders to the FWE/AS maps and keeping their original look. Is this possible?


  • Its not clear what exactly you are seeing, so it hard to say. When creating a Fractal Mapper map from FWE (using 'Create Fractal Mapper Map' from FWE's File menu), make sure you are setting contour levels that are reasonable for your map. Try gradually reducing the contour increments until you get the look you are going for.

    After importing into FM8, you also may want to do a select all and set the outline style to solid. It may be that the contours are there, but the colors are very similar making them hard to notice. The colors used match the elevation color within FWE.

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