New user, need some help

So I'm trying to simulate a book I have that generates city encounters.

There are sub-sections for Towns and Cities that I'd like to be able to emulate with the Prompt command.

Under Towns, there are sub-tables for Day, Evening, and Night.
Under Cities, there are sub-tables for Poor Quarters, Merchant Quarters, and Wealthy Quarters. Each of these has sub-tables for Day, Evening, and Night.

It would be awesome to be able to create one .ipt file for all of the above, but I think it might be easier to make two: one for the Town and one for the City.

Now to my question: how can I create a master table where one can select City, then Poor Quarters, then Day, and only those results will show when I click "Go"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love this tool!


  • After playing around with it, I believe I got it working with the following code at top:
    Prompt: Settlement: {Town|City} Town
    Prompt: Time of Day:{Day|Evening|Night} Day
    Prompt: Location: {Poor|Merchant|Wealthy} Poor
    Prompt: Street Kind: {Main|Lesser} Main
    Header: <h1>RuneQuest Cities</h1><br/>
    Table: Main
  • Yep, that looks right :-)

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