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I saw that you could export an FWE map to Fractal Mapper and have it appear as a countour map, however, I appear to be doing something wrong.

I pull up FWE and generate a randam map using all the default values, I export to FM8 using 1000 meters in both options. When I open the map in FM, it comes up in Feet which means all my continents are just a few 1000 feet across. If I change the map options in FM8, the map gets so tiny it's not even a pixel width in size.

I appear to be doing something wrong unless this is how it's supposed to work...



  • What specific version of FM8 and FWE are you using? (use Help -> About from the menus)
  • Fractal Mapper 8.10f (build 1380)
    Fractal World Explorer 1.7
  • Ok, I thought that was fixed in that version. But its easy enough to work around. When FWE creates a Fractal Mapper map, it uses a text-based variant of the Fractal Mapper file format. So you can actually open it up and edit it directly.

    After you create the .fmp file from FWE, use notepad or other text editor (not a word processor!) to open it.

    At the top of the file, it should look like this:
    Definition: The Fractal Mapper Map File
    Format: 5.00
    Map: Map
      ImageWidth: 10000
      ImageHeight: 5000
      SpanWidth: 40000
      SpanHeight: 20000
      SpanUnitName: Kilometers
      DefaultColor: 6300672
      GridHeight: 250

    Set the SpanUnitName to Kilometers or Miles. Set the SpanWidth and SpanHeight to the values you want, keeping in mind that a 'globe' will be twice as wide as it is tall (set the SpanWidth to the planet's circumference), while a square FWE map will be equal in both directions. The above sample is what it looks like after the file is corrected.

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