Symbol sizes change when I zoom in

1. I placed some mountain symbols on my map.

2. I zoomed in and placed another mountain symbol. This mountain symbol is much smaller than the ones I placed on step 1.

3. I assume I could zoom out to my starting point (step 1), place more mountain symbols and they would be the same size as those created during step 1. However I don't know the exact zoom level I started at.

Additional question: will the shapes always size themselves relative to the zoom level?

Additional question: if I accidentally zoom back, can I undo that?


  • If you draw out the symbol placement rectangle the first time, rather than just clicking a point on the map, that symbol size will be remembered by FM. Then when you use that symbol again by clicking a point on the map, it will be placed at the same scale, regardless of how far zoomed in you are.

    You can't zoom-back a 'zoom back' with the zoom tool. You can use Ctrl-W to zoom to a specific scale. But, if you do the above, you won't have to worry about being at the same zoom scale each time.

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