Insert hyperlinks?

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So is this a feature that only matters when you publish to document in say html format?

Because I've tried linking documents to each other and all the links seem to do is change the selected text to green and underlined. Clicking on them does nothing, right-clicking doesn't bring up any additional options. It seems like a tease... "Here's this button to do this thing you want, but its just for show."

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.


  • Hold the control key and left click the link.
  • Awesome. Thanks. That little tip should probably be in the help file.
  • Another thing to consider on the topic of hyperlinks is that the window that pops up to display choices of items to designate as the linked object cannot be resized. After a certain point, the length of the links becomes too long to read the end of the link and it becomes difficult to discern between similarly named objects. Is there any way you could make it so that pop up window can be resized or just give it a static wider size?

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