Problems with Alan Bartholet's Scripts

So, I've put the GenerateNewSolarSystemBodiesPopmenu.AstroScript and AddSpaceElevatorPopmenu.AstroScript scripts in my plugins folder for Astrosynthesis v2 and the menus show up but they don't seem to do anything when I choose them.

I really need the one that adds system bodies without changing the star name because I'm using real world star data and don't want to loose that. Can anyone help?


  • Hello Nerdvana,
    Sorry about the lateness of a reply I've never been to the forms before and rely on the mailing list for questions and support. Fist of all make sure you are running V2.01e. You can download it here.

    Generate New Solar System Bodies
    1. Right click on a star.
    2. Select 'Generate New Solar System Bodies' from the menu.
    3. Select Yes or No depending if you want the script to attempt to place some random populations.
    4. Unselect the star and then select it again to see the changes.

    Add Space Elevator
    1. Right click on a terrestrial body or gas giant.
    2. Select 'Add Space Elevator' from the menu. Certain conditions will prevent a space elevator from being placed a) The planet has no rotation. b) The geostationary orbit is outside the planets hill sphere.
    3. Unselect the system and select it again to see the changes.

    That should be all you need to do.

    Best Regards,
    Alan Bartholet

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