Can the Date/Time Function be customized?

I am specifically referring to the Epoch Date/Time Function as seen on the Sector Setup tab of the Sector Properties window.

For the stellar system I wish to enter, its Epoch is 22250101160000 in yyyymmddhhnnss format.

This worlds Date/Time system is listed below.

Year = 576 Earth Days (each day 86,400 seconds) OR 432 Local Days (each day 115,200 seconds).
Month = 54 Local Days
Week = 9 Local Days
Day = 32 Earth Hours
Hours, Minutes are same as Earth.

There are only 8 Months.

Basically, when I go to this system in AS I would like Date/Time in Local units, NOT Earth's.

Thanks for any advice.



  • Should have added the above exists within its own pocket universe.

    Thus, any other references are /dev/null.

    Pocket Universe: the inside of a Black Hole. If you wish a reference.

  • I had thought to request customization as well. Specifically the ability to define length of year, month, and week in days, length of day in hours or minutes, and the ability to define the number of days in each month, any intermonth days (such as festival days/holidays that do not fall within a month), leap days, etc, and finally the ability to name the months and days if desired.
  • So....

    I guess there is no way to customize the Date/Time thing?

    An obvious flaw.


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