Potential buyer question

Hello, I am newly-registered and am contemplating the purchase of this software.

I have a pair of questions. Please forgive me if they are overly simplistic.

(1) I have looked over the features, screenshots, etc., and note that surface pictures of gas giants are automatically generated. Also, a lot of the pic-in-pic screenshots seem to show planet globes in pseudo-3D. My question: is it possible simply to input planetary parameters, generate the "world", and then show a "3D" rotating image of the planet as it might appear to approaching space voyagers? This would be of great value to my tabletop RPG campaign.

(2) As a Windows user, I suppose that it is inevitable that I will eventually make the migration to Windows 10 from 8. Win8 is listed as "officially supported". Will Windows 10 also be supported? While a good many of Win10's changes will be cosmetic/front-end things, doubtless there will be software issues. With Windows, there usually are.

Thank you, in advance, for any information forthcoming.


  • I can answer the first question. The image that you see in the PiP is the screen map of that planet. I took a rectangular map of green Mars and loaded it. That showed up in the "globe" mode.
  • Thank you, Alternon, but my question remains: is it possible to show that globe in a separate window and does it rotate, to give the impression of a "live" planet?
  • The mini window has a double line icon in the lower right hand corner. Clicking that will make the planet view fill the right hand pane and the planet does rotate. You can set the rotation for real time or accelerated. You can also zoom in and out a bit. Picture attached.
  • Excellent; thank you for the information.
  • Hi Geo, yes Astro runs well in Windows 10.

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