What features are planned for The Keep?

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I have been pondering purchasing The Keep and though it has some good features now, I'd like to know what you have planned for the future.
One of the primary features I am looking for is a user defined calendar feature that supports a non-gregorian calendar system. Is that something that is a possibility for The Keep?

I know Realm Works has this on their planning board but as of yet there seems to be no one really working on it and has been pushed back for more "pressing" needs. For how long it has been pushed back is unknown, in fact many believe it will never happen.


  • Well, v2 just came out, so there's no short term plans for any major feature enhancements. My primary goal for The Keep right now is to get the HTML API documented. The Keep has a system in place that lets you create custom topic types using HTML and JavaScript. Essentially anything that can be done with a web page can be made into a topic type (there's a simple spreadsheet example in the file sharing area). I'd like to get that documented so that people can create them.
  • I take that is a "not on the list" for the calendar feature.
    A calendar feature is something I know that a lot of people are looking for. Regardless I may have to take a look at your software as I am somewhat of a beginning programmer in Javascript. I know I was interested in your character generator but I never got an answer back through your forums on who the interface works. I developed a full fledged automated character sheet in PDF form (using Javascript) for a fantasy RPG called HARP. Right now I am looking at Unity to bring a more user friendly interface to the character sheet. If I can figure out how to do a non gregorian calendar with HTML I would attempt it in your program. But so far all I know is Javascript. Maybe someday....

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