Help with Conditional Statements

Are there "And" or "Or" operators for use in conditional statements? I didn't see any listed in the help file. Also, what exactly is meant by "nesting" conditional statements? I tried something that I think may qualify as nesting that worked, so I'm a little confused. Here is what I did (note that this was just test code to see if it would work, and verify that it was working properly)
Table: Main
[when]{$roll}=1[do]True[else][when]{$roll}=2[do]False[else][when]{$roll}=3[do]Maybe[else]DIE![end][end][end] {$roll}

Which resulted in the following:
True 1
False 2
DIE! 4
True 1
Maybe 3

Does the above code not count as nesting? I thought it would since the first conditional isn't completely resolved before the next is introduced.


  • Goodaye,

    I didn't think you could do this. Interesting.

    That's my understanding of what nesting conditional's means as well.

  • I think it's just really messy and difficult to keep track of, very easy to misplace or forget something. It's normally easier to understand and implement a lookup table

    Table: Main
    Type: Lookup
    Roll: {$roll}
    1: True {$roll}
    2: False {$roll}
    3: Maybe {$roll}
    4: DIE! {$roll}

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