Bug: Can't use more than 4 prompts

The following script works fine:

Prompt: PromptA {A1|A2|A3|A4}A1
Prompt: PromptB {B1|B2|B3|B4}B2
Prompt: PromptC {C1|C2|C3|C4}C3
Prompt: PromptD {D1|D2}D1
#Prompt: PromptE {Yes|No}Yes

Table: Main

However, uncomment prompt no.5, run it again and all the prompts disappear and the 'explorer' pane vanishes. The values are still shown in the output window though.


  • *BUMP*

    Wish someone would help with this as well, it's terribly annoying. I really need the fifth prompt, and it keeps bugging out just like OP said. Anyone?
  • I cast Resurrection on this thread.

    Any updates on using more than four Prompt commands?

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