PATH and DOCPATH parms in 2.01c

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Hi all,

I noted the Keep upgrade to 2.01c included support for path and docpath parameters. Unfortunately, I can't find any information about these parms in the Help file.

I assumed that the '/path' parm would work as it did in version 1.x. To test this, I created a KEEP shortcut with KeepCM2.exe /path "C:\Users\Erin\Copy\ChimeraRPG\" and expected it to look for (or create) a 'keep.db' file in the specified path.

It sort-of worked. The path specified had other files and folders in it, including a <something>.keep export file. So here's what happened:
  • Opened the Keep to as above; this opened a blank database and created a blank 'keep.db' file in the folder above
  • Imported the existing <something>.keep file successfully, as a root topic
  • The data imported as expected, though the DB name was blank (unexpected)
  • The Keep created a Files directory in the folder
  • I renamed the blank database using the File -> Rename Database command
  • Database renamed successfully
  • The Keep deleted everything else in the folder specified except the 'keep.db' file and the Files folder

Refreshed the directory a few times - nothing. Did a 'dir' from the command line (because Windows Explorer is sometimes stupid like that) - nothing. I checked the Recycle Bin - nothing. I have a backup, so I didn't lose anything, but I'm a little alarmed.

First question is what happened and has anyone else experienced this? Is this related to the Keep's ability to reference multiple databases? Last, what's the proper way to use the '/path' and '/docpath' parms? I'd like to keep my database files in my Copy cloud.


  • Minor Update: It appears the directory in question was moved to the root of my C:\ drive with all of its contents. Not sure why, but the directory's timestamp confirms that it was created when I attempted the PATH parm.

    That said, can anyone provide documentation on the proper use of PATH and DOCPATH in the KEEP 2.01c?

  • The DOCPATH command line option was indeed put in because v2's multiple database support. You can use it like:

    KeepCM2 /docpath "c:\path\to\files"

    That will create a structure under the given path like...


    So basically you are pointing at the location where the .ini configuration file will go, with all other directories created going under that.
    When you use the /docpath option, you will be prompted to create a new database. Use 'standard' option (NOT the local option)


    Because there's always a but...

    The one thing to keep in mind is the order of precedence when the program is trying to decide what database to open.

    Priorities are:
    1) Any db structure within the directory the program is in (ie, a local install)
    2) Any path passed via /docpath
    3) The db stored in My Documents

    For Keep v2, I do not recommend using the /path option any more. I believe it will work, but it will limit you to one database.
  • Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the guidance - DOCPATH works just as you described and lets me put all my KEEP stuff in my Copy folder, just like I wanted to.


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